Pipe cleaning machine 250 W 15mx16mm 4.5mx9.5mm

 Pipe cleaning machine 250 W 15mx16mm 4.5mx9.5mm

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  • Package Weight : 1g

  • Package Width : 1cm

  • Package Height : 1cm

  • Package Length: 1 cm

This powerful pipe cleaner is delivered with spirals of different sizes and an extensive set of drill heads that will allow you to mechanically clean the pipes and eliminate clogging. The drain cleaner is suitable for both professional and home use. The 250 W machine has a powerful motor that rotates the spiral, clockwise and counterclockwise, at 400 rpm. The 3-phase switch rotates the spiral in the desired direction or stops rotation. The adapter drum with spiral is suitable for pipes with multiple curves or pipes with small diameter. The set of spirals consists of 3 partial spirals that can be combined with the T-slot coupling. Thanks to the spiral basket, the assembly can be transported and stored in a simple way. The extensive set of drillers has everything you need to mechanically clean your drain without using chemicals. The drill heads can be easily installed at the end of the cleaning spiral with the T-slot coupling. The key facilitates a quick and easy shortening and lengthening of the spiral and a quick tool change. The delivery also includes a pair of leather gloves.
  • Cleaning machine:
  • Color: Red and black
  • Power supply: 220-240 V ~, 50 Hz
  • Power: 250 W
  • Rotation speed: 400 rpm
  • Drum adapter with spiral:
  • Spiral length: 4.5 m
  • Diameter of the spiral: 9.5 mm
  • Set of spirals:
  • 3 spirals in a spiral basket
  • Spiral length: 15 m (3 x 5 m)
  • Diameter of the spiral: 16 mm
  • Complete set of drill heads:
  • Recovery auger: to recover lost spirals and extract consistent locks in hair, sanitary napkins, fabrics and plastic bags
  • Oval bit and double oval bit: for drains with multiple curves and eliminate blockages, consisting of hair or cloth
  • Spiral saw cutter: for pipes blocked with tree roots, wood chips, leaves, etc.
  • U-shaped cutter and grease cutter: for pipes blocked with grease
  • Other accessories:
  • Key: to disassemble the spirals and drill heads
  • A pair of leather gloves

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